Course Testimonials

“Transformational. A vehicle to enhance one's creativity.” Daniel
"The most enjoyable, powerful transformational 20 weeks of my life.” Mark
“PoP really covered a lot of techniques in acting and it was a delight to see my peers transform gradually into compelling and watchable actors.” Daniel
“I thoroughly researched my options around Sydney before enrolling at ACA, and I’m completely satisfied.” Mathew
“Anything is possible. Never give-up.” Michael
“The environment at ACA makes it something truly unique and well worth it.” Emily
“The PoP course was a beautiful, nourishing, uplifting 20 weeks of my life. I wouldn’t be the same without it!” Monica
“I didn’t know who I was or what I was able to achieve until I completed PoP.” Jason
“..not just for acting, great for personal growth. You will fall in love with The Acting Process..” Paul
“Dean has created a school that is not only rich in talented staff, but also ZEN + POSITIVE ENERGY! Has opened my eyes to the world and to myself.” Nisrine
"I learnt a diversity of skills that I will carry with me for the rest of my life - truly superb." John
"Life changing. The Power of Performance is something I will be able to use in life and in acting." Michelle
"I never realised so much was possible." Rachel
"Module One is fantastic! The Actors Centre provides such a supportive environment, where its students are encouraged in their creativity. I highly recommend it to anyone." Rebecca
"One of the best things I have ever done." Adam
"Module One has been a wonderful, nurturing experience - yet powerful and constructive to the novice and an amazing reboot for people already working as an actor." Jane
“I think it would be best if PoP was like Mary Poppins carpet bag... never-ending. Thank you for the 20 weeks.” Lumka
“I got a sense of belonging... being with people like me – open people.” Viviana
“If you ever wonder what it’s like to act or the process behind acting, do this course. It opens all those doors and it’s totally fun and inspiring.” Sean
"Power of Performance has been an extremely enjoyable and rewarding experience. It provides a supportive and encouraging environment with which to discover, unlock and explore the creative aspects of my personality." Peter
"It has been the best experience of my of my life. I have learnt so much and I thank Sam greatly for his guidance and support. I would recommend to anyone who wants to open their mind." Shirley
"Power of Performance really opened my eyes and pushed me to actually pursue my goals and not just waiting for them to happen." Bill
"Module One - The Acting Process has started my journey in developing my skills and 'toolkit' as an actor. The program was filled with exciting and essential content in my personal journey of the actor's craft." Valerie
"This course really gets you prepared for going out and actually performing in theatre." Matthew
"Pop Mod 2 pushed me beyond what I thought I could achieve. It was a great stepping stone!" Tho
"Working as an ensemble made me realize how important it is to develop and become efficient in using a variety of acting skills." Valerie
"It was an awe-inspiring journey both on a personal and acting level. I discovered that many things in my life crop up in acting, life, etc." Kevin
"An exceptional experience in working with other actors to create a piece of theatre you can be truly proud of." Andrew
"I loved the course and learned so much... it brought back the joy in acting for me." Bianca
"This was a great experience, the team atmosphere was great and when we performed - the rush of the performance was amazing." Alexander
"The dedication from the tutors and the mastery of technique and knowledge shared was fantastic. Pop 3 redefines acting for you in an entirely rewarding experience. Simply mind blowing." Danielle
"It was a joy to come along each night. Our teachers were amazing and the class was a very supportive environment." Trystyn
"You couldn’t ask for a more extensive insight into Shakespeare and how it should be delivered." Georgia
"ACA always does a great job of picking great teachers who are dedicated to making the course great." Renate
"Pure fun and an amazing eye-opening experience that challenged my very core." Christopher
"This course replaces your fear for Shakespeare with joy!" Andrew
"The Power of Performance is a great opportunity to shock yourself by seeing how unbelievable you can be." Chrisen
"The real training we got in this course was fantastic. It didn’t feel like we were simply being “taught” – it felt like we were being given all the real tricks and tips of the trade." Rosie
"When you give yourself to it, the Power of Performance has real life-changing potential." Michelle
"The tutor raised the stakes in our work through challenging us was fantastic." Tho
"The ACA has opened my mind. Acting is about being real to oneself and the ACA gave me the tools and confidence to do this." Sophie
"I have had an amazing experience over the past few months. Dale has so many things to pass on. I am so glad I chose to do this course." Natahnee
"The tutor was so focused and created a wonderful environment for us. His exercises were wonderful and helped us connect with the truth of the character and the scene. This module is great for getting you to become comfortable working in front of a camera. Highly recommended!" Rebecca
"This is a great course. It will help you develop both as an actor and as a person. I learned heaps of new ways to create the character from the inside out. I loved the whole thing." Adam
"The tutor provided a great working environment where you're not afraid to make mistakes." Anon
"Acting for screen comes with interesting challenges that differ from acting in other mediums and this course really guided me through the process and what it takes to deliver through this medium." Elizabeth
"A great introduction to the fundamentals of camera acting in opposition to theatre acting. An amazing way to start the application to acting for the camera." Laura
"Getting to performing in front of the panel and receiving feedback and direction was invaluable." Will
"The tutor was very focused and committed, and getting to spend a whole day with the panel was great." James
"This course provides feedback in an industry environment, which is a rare occurrence for actors. Michael was truly passionate, giving, and honest. He is the most down to earth and caring teacher. I can think of no other intensive course that provides feedback and generosity at this level." Michael
"Having guest tutors come in was valuable, and the detail and standard of teaching was excellent." Lydia
"All of the tutors had professional experience to draw on, and their insight about the audition process was great." Alisa
"The tutor's passion and ability to galvanise the class into a banded tribe was fantastic. I loved the passionate attention to the texts and students, incredibly broad humour, the way this course took students to the next level through re-interpreting the texts and using different exercises. More, more, more!" Candeda