Hugh Jackman





Hugh Jackman

Hugh Jackman graduated from ACA’s full-time acting course in 1991.. He proudly accepted the role as Patron in 2007 and continues to support the vision of ACA as he follows his personal commitment to encourage and nurture future Australian artists.

"I am often asked why Australian actors are doing so well on the international stage and my first response is always that the training we receive is world class. Certainly for me, ACA was a huge part of my development. ACA lit my passion for the craft and the fundamentals I learnt here are a huge part of the foundations I take to work with me every day.

“Returning to ACA, I was thrilled to see that the spirit, vitality, warmth and joy of the place is very much alive. I look forward to sharing my experiences with the students and also watching them grow as artists. I really have to thank all the staff at ACA for instilling in me that sense of play, risk taking and adventure that has made acting so fulfilling for me."