ACA’s Open Access Program

Welcome to Actors Centre Australia’s public program dedicated to the nourishment and advancement of creative skills, imagination, freedom of expression, communication and connection. Acting skills are life skills. Inside a learning environment of like-mindedness, positivity, support and challenge, real exploration and personal achievement is at hand.

(6 - 20 week programs)

ACA’s Open Access Programs consist of:

A message from ACA’s CEO and Creative & Founding Director

"A creative pursuit and enquiry through acting is a fast-track way to make an enormous contribution in your life. It's not that you use acting skills in your life, but what acting generates and releases in each person is significant: confidence, creativity, spontaneity, imagination, connection, authenticity, liberty and vitality.

“Once activated, these elements within us begin to move out from the bandwidth of the acting class into our life and business and relationships. Hence acting being one of the most significant pathways and trigger points to us understanding what we're capable of. Acting programs such as those in our Open Access arena devote time each week to you, and are a self-investment which has enormous results and outcomes for each individual. “That's our commitment to you here at ACA: to match your commitment second by second and create an environment of meaning and momentum.”

- Dean Carey

ACA's Open Access Program delivers some of the finest and most comprehensive courses, from our Part-Time Modules including our Foundation course, Performing the Play, Shakespeare in Action, the Power of American Performance, Advanced Screen Acting and Performing Auditions. Our skills workshops offer Acting Fundementals, Screen Fundementals, Extended Screen Acting, the Power of the Physical, Producing Essentials and Voiceover Essentials. Whatever you are looking for our Open Access courses are sure to deliver